Things to Do in Broome

Broome is a perfect starting point for boat trips that will take you on multiday cruises along the Kimberley coast. But there are also bountiful things to do in Broome itself. A trip to Willie Creek Pearl Farm is a must do to experience of a fully working pearl farm. Once you've finished a day of sun worshipping or camel riding on Cable Beach, wander through the heady smells and sounds of the bustling Chinatown.

Ride a Camel at Cable Beach

If riding a camel has always been on your bucket list, then you’ll be glad to know it’s one of the most iconic ways to take in the sandy shores of the famed Cable Beach. A 22-kilometre stretch of pristine white sands and clear turquoise waters, the views are even more stunning from a camel’s back than with two feet on the sand. Feel the sea breeze through your hair as you take in the scenery. For a truly extraordinary ride, book a session during sunset, when Cable Beach’s stunning views are out in full glory.

See Dinosaur Footprints

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see real dinosaur footprints in the flesh, so don’t miss your chance while in Broome. Part of an 80km dinosaur trackway that runs through the Kimberley, Guantheaume Point is one of the best spots to glimpse these remnants of a long-gone era. Estimated to be over 130 million years old, you can spot at least nine different types of dinosaurs’ tracks. Since they’re set amongst rocks in the sea, they’re best spotted during low tide when they are most visible. If you do visit during high tide however, there are some plaster casts of the footprints available to view also.

Shop for Pearls

Thanks to a long and rich pearling history, Broome is the perfect place to find and purchase stunning pearls. Head to Chinatown, where the majority of the showrooms and shops are located. At Pearl Luggers, on Dampier Terrace, you can mix in a bit of history with the shopping: learn about the perilous journey of the pearl diver, understand how the industry was built in Broome, and get up close and personal with two restored ships, the Sam Male and the DMcD.

Horizontal Falls

Whether you’re on a day trip or an overnight tour from Broome, a trip to the iconic Horizontal Falls is a majestic reminder of just how beautiful Mother Nature can be. This natural wonder, situated in Talbot Bay north east of Broome, is caused by massive tidal movements flowing through two gorges, creating an enchanting waterfall effect that you simply have to see to appreciate. Several companies provide a variety of tour options for your trip, so you’ll have plenty of choices on how to experience it, whether you want to see it from a boat or perhaps even a helicopter.

Sun Pictures Cinema

For a truly unique Broome experience worth sharing with family and friends, head to Carnarvon Street to visit the historic Sun Pictures Cinema, the world’s oldest outdoor theatre. Despite operating since 1916, the theatre isn’t stuck in the past – the cinema shows the latest movies, providing viewers with a charming experience that melds the old with the new.

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