Broome Shopping Guide

There is plenty to love when it comes to shopping in Broome. From handicrafts and market stalls to books and boutiques, you'll find an array of shops to pique your interests. Broome tourism centres on its status as one of the world's most important pearling towns. So it would be rude to leave without purchasing a pearl of your own. Galway Pearls has a reputation for being approachable, whilst Kailis Pearls are known for their exceedingly high quality. Also, check out the interesting indigenous art for sale at the Old Broome Lockup Gallery – once an Aborigine jail.

Pearl Shopping

Famous for its pearling history, you’ll find several showrooms and pearl shops all around Broome, with many located in the popular Chinatown area. Shoppers will love going from showroom to showroom, discovering the different types of pearls available and learning more about these beautiful jewels. Perfect for personal gifts or souvenirs, Broome’s pearls are always fantastic buys.

Courthouse Markets

If you’re up for some rummaging through market stalls, don’t miss the Courthouse Markets during the weekends. These markets are a local favourite, featuring several stalls selling a wide selection of jewellery, clothing, artwork, and food. Whether you’re out for some bargains or just want to whittle away a few hours, a stroll through the Courthouse Markets is a great option for any visitor.

Hidden Valley Handcrafts

A store as charming as Broome itself, Hidden Valley Handcrafts is a family-owned business that sells handcrafted soaps, candles, and a variety of personal care products. The shop’s impressive selection certainly makes a trip here worthwhile, whether you want some handcrafted goodies for yourself or for family and friends. They also have a stall out in the weekly Courthouse Markets if you aren’t be able to visit their main shop.

Johnny Chi Lane

Located in Broome’s Chinatown, Johnny Chi Lane is a popular shopping arcade that offers a variety of shops, cafés, and souvenir stores. A part of the arcade even provides information and facts about this famous lane, giving first-time visitors a glimpse of its place in Broome’s history. On Sundays, the lane also plays host to a number of market stalls selling handicraft and other items. Keep an eye out for its Asian, pagoda-like entrance when you’re visiting it for the first time; you can’t miss it.

Magabala Books

As one of Australia’s oldest publishers of Indigenous books, Magadala Books is definitely a must-visit attraction for lovers of literature. Known for their friendly staff and service, Magadala Books is a treasure trove for anything related to Indigenous culture. This unique establishment showcases works by both Indigenous writers and illustrators, including memoirs, children’s picture books, autobiographies and books celebrating Aboriginal social history.


Linney’s is a high-end jewellery store celebrating the time-honoured art of jewellery-making.  Using mostly precious jewels and gems found in Western Australia, Linney’s popular pieces boast a bold and contemporary style. You’ll find a wide selection of beautiful one-of-a-kind jewellery, from earrings and pendants to rings and bracelets. This is the perfect place to pick up a memorable souvenir to two.

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