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What to See in Berlin

Deciding what to see in Berlin is half the fun of a visit to this amazing city. Whether you’re a history buff or you want to see the resurgence of one of Europe’s most intriguing cities, you’ll be blown away when you visit Berlin.

Take in historic sites such as the Brandenburg Gate and Charlottenburg Palace, or be impressed by the Reichstag. The Berlin Wall and open-air gallery are must-see Berlin landmarks that you can take your time viewing, while the Fernsehturm provides 360° views across the city. You’ll have no trouble filling your itinerary with things to see in Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate

Perhaps the most recognisable landmark of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is one of the first sites any visitor wants to see. A symbol of the division between East and West Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is a surviving historical city gate. The neo-classical style, inspired by the Acropolis in Athens, has to be seen in person to be appreciated.


Home of the German parliament, the Reichstag is an amazing piece of architectural work and a historical landmark. With some sections still bearing bullets and graffiti left by Soviet soldiers, the Reichstag is a blend of old and new Germany. In addition, the Reichstag has both permanent art collections and changing exhibitions for viewing. There’s an onsite restaurant if you fancy something to eat after exploring the grounds.  

Berlin Wall and East Side Gallery

Dividing the city for almost 30 years, sections of the Berlin Wall are still in place, providing some insight into its history. The East Side Gallery, found on the banks of the Spree, was established after the fall of the Berlin Wall. An open-air gallery, sections of the wall have been painted by 118 artists from 21 countries.

Holocaust Memorial

Officially opened in 2005, the Holocaust Memorial can be found in the middle of the city. Stretching more than 19,000m2, the memorial is a place of contemplation in an unconventional design. Along with the memorial is the information centre, where you can find photographs, personal letters and diary entries from those who spent time here.

Charlottenburg Palace

The opulent stylings of Berlin’s largest palace, Charlottenburg Palace, make this a stop well worth exploring with a day pass. From the gilded gallery to the festival halls, Charlottenburg Palace is a popular Berlin landmark you’ll definitely want to see. If you happen to visit in December, you can even take in the Christmas markets, where you can purchase arts, crafts, and traditional German festive treats.


For 360° views of Berlin, Fernsehturm (or the ‘TV Tower’), is the place to visit. The tallest structure in Germany, stretching 368m tall, the TV Tower’s viewing platform is not to be missed. Like many Berlin landmarks, the tower is steeped in history but also acts as a symbol of modern Germany. You’ll find a bar and restaurant here, so you can enjoy a cocktail while taking in the views.