Belfast Food and Drink

After a few hours in the city, you’ll likely find yourself in search of some quality Belfast food and drink. Good news: your search won’t take long. No matter where you are in the city or its many quarters, amazing food abounds – and who could pass up the opportunity to try an authentic, home-cooked Irish stew?

The city centre delivers plenty of choice, but also consider letting your taste buds explore other dining districts like the Titanic Quarter and Queen’s Quarter. From familiar international standards and fine-dining to authentic, hearty Irish favourites, there’s something to suit every taste and budget in Belfast.

Belfast Restaurant Precincts

For those who want to sample some of the best Belfast restaurant precincts beyond the city centre, you should make sure to investigate the quarters – specifically the Queen’s Quarter and the Titanic Quarter. In both areas, amazing locally owned restaurants, takeaways and gastropubs abound. Try a new place each day of your holiday and let them show you how a proper Belfast meal is prepared.

Belfast Pubs and Nightlife

There aren’t many cities in the world where you can duck into a bar from the 1600s for a quiet pint, but Belfast pubs allow you to do just that. Belfast bars and nightlife are a reflection of the city’s blue collar history – perfect for a casual evening in comfortable surrounds after a long day. You’ll find most of the best establishments on either Queen Street or Donegall Street.

Belfast Coffee Scene

In a working-class town like Belfast, the value of a good cup of coffee cannot be overstated. It’s the local businesses that will brew you the best cup. The home-grown Belfast coffee scene ranks among the best on the entire Irish isle. Cafes are found all throughout the city. Coffee not your thing? Try tea – ask for the Irish Breakfast and thank us later.

Belfast Food Markets

A port city and a busy trade hub since its inception, Belfast loves a good market. Belfast food markets are among the most diverse and vibrant in the world, filled with many different kinds of food brought in from the surrounding towns and from the trawlers in the bay. Sites like St George’s Market are popular destinations, but they aren’t open every day so check ahead before you leave.