Things to Do in the Barossa Valley

Although there are plenty of things to do in Barossa Valley, the majority will tend to centre on the region's wine-tasting opportunities. The list of vineyards is vast, but favourites include Jacob's Creek, Wolf Blass, Penfolds and Rolf Binder.

To learn about the region's interesting history, head to the Barossa Valley Historical Museum, hidden at the back of a second-hand bookshop.

Barossa Farmers Market

Farmers markets are always a great way to experience local culture, and the Barossa Farmers Market doesn’t disappoint. Running every Saturday morning and featuring a variety of goods sourced directly from local farmers and producers, the market is a treat for any visitor. Early birds will be glad to know they can also catch breakfast at the market, which has become popular for its delicious food and matching fair trade, organic coffee. Tourists and locals alike routinely visit this market, not only for the great food and produce, but also to support local farmers and businesses.

Whispering Wall

A part of the impressive Barossa Reservoir, the Whispering Wall is an engineering marvel that features an amazing acoustic property: say something from one end of the wall and it can be heard more than a hundred metres away in another part of the wall. Visitors to the reservoir can also enjoy the dam’s scenic views and learn more about its construction and history.

Winery Tours

As one of Australia’s most prominent wine-producing regions, Barossa Valley is also home to several outstanding winery tours and wine tastings. There are plenty of wineries and vineyards for wine aficionados, from the acclaimed Murray Street Vineyards and Langmeil Winery to the vineyards of bigger brands such as Jacob’s Creek. Whether you’re searching for a particular type of wine or simply want to enjoy all the different varieties available in Barossa Valley, you’ll have plenty of choices here to craft the perfect wine discovery tour.

Ride a Hot Air Balloon

While you can certainly appreciate the beauty of Barossa Valley as you explore it from the ground, those who have seen it from the air know that it’s an entirely special and unforgettable experience altogether. Up in the skies in a hot air balloon, you’ll be enchanted by Barossa Valley’s natural wonders sprawled out all around you in every direction.

Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park

Located 12 kilometres southeast of Tanunda and surrounded by the Barossa Ranges, the Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park is a treat for anyone eager to see a different side of the Barossa Valley. Gone are the expansive wineries and vineyards; instead, you’ll find lush grasslands, creeks, and wild outcrops. With panoramic views of the Barossa ranges, it’s the perfect place for sightseeing and bushwalking. The park offers two trails: the comprehensive Wallowa Hike, which includes views from a gorgeous lookout and sightings of rock formations, and the shorter Stringybark Loop, which showcases the park’s diverse flora.

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