Barcelona Shopping Guide

You may have to exercise some restraint during your Barcelona shopping trips. There are several key neighbourhoods that will help you spend your holiday money. Each has its own feel and shopping style.

If you love big brands and labels, head to Passeig de Gracia. Here you’ll find the latest catwalk fashions and iconic designers. There’s even an app to download to help you plan your route along Barcelona’s longest shopping precinct.

Head to El Raval and Gracia if you’re on the hunt for one-off souvenirs. Among these trendy streets you’ll find numerous boutiques selling vintage fashions, handmade goods and gifts.   

Passeig de Gracia

Love shopping? Then a trip to Passeig de Gracia is a must. Located in fashionable Eixample, Barcelona’s longest shopping street is full of high-end designer brands, luxurious spas, and upmarket dining experiences. There’s even a Passeig de Gracia app. Download before your trip and you can easily make reservations and check the services offered in each store. The perfect way to plan your day of indulgence!

Portal de l’Angel

Portal de l’Angel is a charming mix of familiar international high-street brands and smaller independent boutiques. Put your holiday budgeting skills to the test as you explore the many department stores and souvenir shops. Its close proximity to the popular Gothic Quarter means you can expect it to be busy, especially on weekends.

El Raval

Visit El Raval and indulge in a shopping spree full of trendy, one-off buys. The neighbourhood has undergone a massive transformation in recent years. Once considered a dangerous part of Barcelona, El Ravel is now a hidden gem. Discover vintage clothing shops, boutiques, bookstores, independent beauty retailers, food markets, and a plethora of original art studios.


If there’s one word to sum up Gracia, it’s cool. This hip neighbourhood is all about independent fashions. Explore the winding streets and you’ll uncover boutique clothing stores and jewellery makers selling original pieces. It’s the perfect place to splash some cash when looking for unique fashions or special gifts to take back for friends and family.