Things To Do in Bali

There’s no shortage of things to do in Bali. The island is a renowned haven for water sports, while further attractions abound, encompassing rainforests, waterfalls, and ancient temples. Equally famous for its culture, arts and shopping as it is for its spectacular scenery, Bali is a destination where you can pick up local handicrafts, seek the latest fashion, enjoy some local entertainment, or settle in for a succulent meal.

Bali Food and Drink

With multicultural influences that span centuries, discovering where to eat in Bali is as simple as asking the question: “What takes your fancy?” Traditional Balinese cuisine features a seafood influence, while Chinese is also readily available at resorts and market stalls alike. Due to Bali’s enduring popularity as a tourism destination, western dining options are easy to find as well. Read More

Bali Shopping

From village markets and artisan stalls to contemporary shopping malls, you’ll find no shortage of options when shopping in Bali. In fact, the island is famous for its retail offerings. Traditional Balinese goods include intricate wood and stone carvings, handicrafts, and beautifully dyed fabrics. Meanwhile, bargain fashion and accessory items are readily available at myriad shopping precincts and malls. Read More

Bali Beaches

Arguably one of the most renowned assets of the island, Bali beaches appeal to surfers, snorkellers and swimmers alike. The island’s south features palm-fringed beaches with crisp white sands at destinations like Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, and Legian Beach. The north offers striking black sands with isolated coves. In between, the coastline is punctuated by spectacular cliffs. Read More

Bali Activities

There’s a vast range of Bali attractions that draw visitors to the destination time and again. Famous for its inherent natural beauty, water sports and handicrafts, Bali also features a spiritual element observed through yoga, meditation, and wellness retreats. It makes for a destination that offers you holiday activities of relaxation, excitement, exploration, and cultural discovery in equal part. Read More

Bali Temples and Culture

The Balinese have a long and proud heritage shaped by centuries of multicultural influence culminating in a society that is unique, warm, and welcoming. Bali culture and arts are strongly related to the predominant religion, Hinduism, with dance, music and ceremonies all elements of daily life and custom. This is encapsulated in the hidden temples, relics, and offerings found throughout the picturesque landscape. Read More