Bali Food And Drink

Depending on your location, Bali food and drink can vary from standard western fare to more exotic and traditional Balinese delights. A short stroll from the creature comforts of Kuta and its resorts, adventurous options beckon, while the villages and bustling night markets provide an insight into traditional Indonesian cuisine and the more authentic flavours on offer. 
Seafood is a specialty, particularly in seaside locations like Jimbaran Bay. Pork and chicken are equally popular, served with the primary grain and dining accompaniment of the region: rice. Due to the Hindu influence, beef is rarely consumed.

Bali Food Markets

Come nightfall, food markets in Bali spring to life in a magical, thriving, and aromatic form. By day, market enclaves are shopping and bargain meccas, but from dusk they become a bustling destination for hungry locals and visitors alike. These markets are the authentic destination to enjoy specialties like babi guling (suckling pig), bebek betutu (slow-cooked duck), and ikan bakar (charcoal-grilled fish).

Bali Restaurant Precincts

With a wide range of dining options to suit all tastes and desires, Bali restaurants are plentiful and easy to find. Notable regions include Kuta, where the bustling restaurant scene features western, traditional Balinese and Asian influences; Jimbaran Bay, where you can enjoy a beachside meal of freshly caught seafood; Ubud for its local produce and authentic Indonesian fare; upmarket Nusa Dua; and Seminyak and Legian.

Bali Bars and Nightlife 

A magical sunset over the Balinese waterfront is just the beginning of a night’s entertainment in Bali. Come sundown, the Bali nightlife begins in earnest with a host of venues open to accommodate dining, entertainment, and enjoyment. Kuta is widely recognised as the hub of after-dark excitement, but Seminyak and Legian also feature a vibrant, cosmopolitan feel with plenty of live entertainment including cultural shows.

Bali Cafes 

A strong cafe culture has emerged in Bali in recent years, courtesy of an expat influence and obsession with all things coffee. Destinations like Kuta, Ubud, Seminyak and Legian all feature an array of cafes. These provide the ideal location to enjoy a lazy brunch, indulge in a little people-watching, or catch up on a little correspondence with family and friends.