Bali Activities

There’s no shortage of Bali activities to delight travellers of all persuasions. Renowned for its spectacular beaches, Bali is a magnet for surfers the world over, while the secluded coves offer excellent snorkelling and swimming opportunities.

If it’s the sights, sounds and smells you seek to enjoy, there’s also a multitude of ways to get up close and personal with the nature and culture of Bali, with activities including cycling and hiking.

Relaxation also features heavily on the to-do list when holidaying on this picturesque island. Spas, retreats, meditation and yoga are available and affordable at both popular and more isolated tourist locations.

Snorkelling in Bali

Snorkelling in Bali is essential for your to-do list. There are countless underwater wonderlands to experience and explore. The region is at the heart of the world-renowned coral triangle, with coral gardens, colourful reefs, and exotic marine life just some of the delights to enjoy. Best of all, these reefs are often easily accessible from the shore.

Hiking Bali

Whether you seek to explore volcanic mountains, verdant rice fields or the lush green rainforests and waterfalls, Bali hiking offers the opportunity to experience nature at its finest in your own time, at your own pace. Prime destinations include Mt Agung, Mt Batur, West Bali National Park, Danau Bratan with its nearby lakes, and Monduk.

Bali spas

Bali spas are famous the world over for their therapeutic, spiritual and relaxation credentials. There’s no shortage of venues to truly soothe the soul. From upmarket resort spas to day spas and pampering retreats, spas are accessible no matter your locale. They cater equally to a quick rub down or an indulgent day spent languishing in calm surrounds.

Bali bike tours

From the adrenaline of mountain biking to a relaxed cycle taking in the sights, a Bali bike tour is the opportunity to experience the island in a unique and personal way. Cycling and mountain biking are an industry in themselves with a host of guided tours available to give you insider access to the best trails the island has to offer.

Yoga in Bali

With its deep spirituality, connection to nature, and Hindu culture, Bali is widely regarded as the world’s premier destination for yoga and meditation retreats. If you’re looking to experience the health and relaxation benefits of yoga then there are options for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike, ranging from day classes to week-long retreats.