Auckland Travel Tips

Travelling overseas can be a bit of a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve never journeyed abroad before. The good news is that New Zealand is one of the simplest countries for Australian travellers to visit, both in terms of entering the country through customs and getting around and communicating with the locals. Just in case you’ve never been before, let us lay your concerns to rest with some of our top Auckland travel tips. Remember: you can always speak to your nearest Escape Travel agent should you have any concerns about your trip to New Zealand.

New Zealand Visas

If you’re travelling on a current Australian passport, you don’t need to apply for any New Zealand visas or waivers. This means your trip through customs will not only be a breeze but also extremely short! Check out the New Zealand government website for more information.

New Zealand Currency

New Zealand uses a dollar system very similar to Australia. The New Zealand dollar is not usually valued higher than the Australian dollar, which means you will very likely have more New Zealand currency once converted than you took with you – another great reason to indulge in an Auckland shopping spree, or to buy that extra souvenir from the markets. For more on currency, visit the New Zealand currency page.

Auckland Food

Most New Zealand food is quite similar to what Australians are used to finding at home. This means getting a feed will be very easy for those who are less adventurous in their tastes, while those who wish to sample true Auckland cuisine will be able to quickly find something delicious and different.

Tipping in Auckland

Much as it is in Australia, tipping in New Zealand is purely optional and generally only provided as a compliment for exemplary service. While most minimum-wage workers will be thrilled to accept a tip for providing great service, you shouldn’t feel bad if you can’t afford to do so. The minimum wage is high enough in New Zealand that tipping is lovely but not necessary.

New Zealand Electrical Plugs and Voltage

More good news! New Zealand uses the same electrical plugs and voltage systems as Australia, which means you don’t need to round up any converters or adapters to use tech items like laptops, phones, tablets, cameras or portable batteries. Plus, there are plenty of USB-charging facilities available around the city in case your batteries start to run low.

Language in Auckland

Auckland is a city in which language is no barrier for Australian travellers. While English is the primary language used in Auckland, and in wider New Zealand, you will find examples of the native Maori tongue sprinkled throughout a lot of the local signage. Locals may also drop the occasional Maori word into their day-to-day conversations, but most are more than happy to translate.

Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport will likely be where you catch your first glimpse of New Zealand’s legendary landscapes. Perched on the edge of the Manukau Harbour, looking towards Manukau Heads, the rock formations make a striking impression. The terminal itself is very easy to get around, with domestic and international areas clearly divided.