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Store Team Members

Krystal Savage – Manager

Languages spoken:

Sophie Goodwin – Consultant

I fell into travel 8 years ago after emigrating from the UK, and found a passion for it that I didn't know I had, I guess you could say that now it's my raison d'être. Part of that is now sharing this passion with others and helping all of my clients to get the amazing experience that they deserve using my knowledge and personal experience. I am dedicated to my clients and ensuring that they receive exceptional service, regardless of which staff member assists them.

Places visited:
Nearly every state in Australia (sorry Tasmania), Bali, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, Fiji, New Caledonia, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Dubai, some cruising and most of Europe including over 40 trips to Spain.

Languages spoken:

Danica Pietsch – Assistant Manager

Places visited:
Australia, United States of America, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, India, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Austria, Italy, England, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Canada, Indonesia, Fiji

Languages spoken:

Fiona Sofia – Consultant

Places visited:
Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Monaco, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, FIji, Bali, England, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands

Languages spoken:
English, Italian

Anna Mashei – Consultant
Magda Kordysz – Consultant
Sarah Stroczan – Consultant
Sam Phillips – Consultant

Sam is an adventure lover and an avid photographer.

Places visited:
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Fiji, USA, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, England, Germany, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic

Cassandra Byrne – Consultant

Cassie has been in the travel industry for over 17 years. Her specialties are river cruising, Canada/Alaska touring and fully independent travel.

Places visited:
New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, USA (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas), Canada, Mexico, Europe River Cruise, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Papua New Guinea, Reunion Island and Madagascar.

Carly Berkshire – Consultant