Fiji Holidays


Fiji holidays offer a world of adventures exploring the 333-island-strong South Pacific Ocean archipelago. This is an island paradise where all of your dreams of the ultimate beach holiday come to life. And once you're done with lounging on the bright white sands, the adventures can begin. Abundant natural riches allow for high-octane kayaking through the rainforests of Vitu Levu and breath-taking swimming beneath the waterfalls of Taveuni's Bouma National Heritage Park.

Things to do

You won't be short of things to do in the Fiji. If you're a wildlife enthusiast, head to Taveuni to look out for the island's famous orange doves and silktail birds. Surf experts should head straight for Vitu Levu's Frigates and Wilkes Passages, where the breaks are world-class. The fishing and kayaking opportunities are at their best off Kadavu Island. If pampering is more your thing, the Namale and Jean-Michel Cousteau resorts on Vanua Levu are home to some of the best spas in the world.

Food & restaurants

Restaurants in Fiji reflect the island's rich cultural mix. For a taste of the island's spicy Fijian, Chinese and Indian cuisines, head to Nadi and Suva. Many of the restaurants can be found within resorts and the focus is on seafood, which will be as fresh as you can get. If you opt for an all-inclusive break, your three daily meals will be included in the price. Whilst in Fiji, you must try the national drink, kava, a mildly narcotic drink made from the pepper plant and sold in open-air markets.


Fiji hotels tend to be resorts and are often cited as some of the best in the world. For more budget options, you'll find camping at spots like Bula Fiji and Fiji Bure. If you are planning on staying for a reasonable length of time, apartment rental can be a good option, with Fiji Travel Maxia and Forgetaway proving to be reliable options. If you can afford to stay in a resort you will gain access to a world of infinity pools, open-air verandas and private terraces.


Shopping in Fiji does not make up a big part of the tourism. However, the islands offer an abundance of markets where you can enjoy the hustle-bustle and pick up anything from local produce to hand-crafted souvenirs. The Handicraft Market in Nadi offers many locally crafted and affordable items and the Produce Market invites you to buy from the mountains of fresh fruit and vegetables. Pure Fiji is a day-spa where you can come each Saturday to buy their natural creams, soaps and scrubs.

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