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If a holiday beyond the shores of Australia is beckoning you, it doesn’t mean you have to break the piggy bank. In fact, you’ll be surprised how far and wide you can travel even if you’re counting your pennies. Here at Escape Travel, we have an array of cheap international holiday packages. Discover our endless collection of affordable destinations, from the peaceful islands in the South Pacific to the bustling cities of Asia. You can take the kids to see the dazzling lights of Hollywood or sample culinary delights throughout Europe.



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Our friendly Escape Travel consultants can help you plan your holiday from start to finish. From choosing your destination, organising passports and booking accommodation to planning travel itineraries to perfectly suit you and your family. Whether you’re hoping to take the kids on their first journey overseas or looking for a romantic getaway, you can have the delight of experiencing a new culture firsthand. Sample traditional dishes, admire unique architecture or simply enjoy the beauty of nature. However you like to travel, you’re bound to discover the hidden treasures of a new country with one of our cheap international holiday packages.

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