Escape Travel Holiday Ideas

More Travel Questions Answered

Finally get the answers to the questions you’ve always been wondering. Whether it’s about where to go, how to navigate the seasons or what to what to pack, our consultants are the travel experts and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Here they answer your most common travel queries. We’re thinking about flying through Istanbul for something different on our European holiday. Is it … Continue reading

Auckland’s Best Day Trip Adventures

Known for its enviable harbour-side location, Auckland is one of New Zealand’s hot spots for adventure-seekers. But it’s not all cityscapes and modern life, this big city is on the doorstep to some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. Have the chance to enjoy sumptuous eats at award-winning wineries or explore world-renowned diving sites.  From heavenly islands to natural hot springs, Auckland is the perfect … Continue reading

Top 10 Destinations Aussies Keep Going Back To

Some places are so good that we just can’t resist going back for more. We’ve done a bit of digging to find out exactly where Aussies can’t seem to get enough of. Here’s a glimpse at the top 10 destinations that Australians have grown to love and return to year on year. Expect a few surprising inclusions.  1. Philippines With more than 7,000 islands, it’s no wonder Australians can’t get … Continue reading

Queensland’s Best Islands – Have You Been to These?

While the coast of Queensland ignites visions of golden beaches, towering sky-scrapers and vibrant esplanades, it’s the state’s islands that shimmer with possibilities. From the pristine shores of Hamilton Island to the rainforest-fringed beaches of Magnetic Island, Queensland is the place for a sun-drenched seaside getaway. Hamilton Island Just one of the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands, Hamilton is a haven for adventure seekers. While the soft … Continue reading

Tipping in the USA

The art of tipping can be quite confusing for those visiting the USA for the very first time.  When do you tip? How much do you tip? What if you don’t have cash handy? It can be a mind field for first-timers. But don’t worry, it will soon become second nature. To ensure your tipping etiquette is up to scratch, take a look at our … Continue reading

TranzAlpine Rail Journey a World Class Ride

When I think about what it’s like to experience New Zealand’s TranzAlpine railway, which dramatically cuts through the most remote and spectacular reaches of the South Island, a much-loved saying springs to mind. You know the one – about how it’s all about the journey and not the destination. Never before has this old adage rung any truer. Trailing between Christchurch on the east coast and … Continue reading

Best Cruise Lines for Single Travellers

Scared of the single supplement? Don’t let that put you off looking into cruising for one. Lots of ships will waive it, so single adventurers can be the captains of their own destiny. We take a look at the best cruises for solo travellers. Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) NCL offers a whole host of opportunities for singles with their studio accommodation, priced fairly for the … Continue reading

Luxury Golf Resorts in the USA

If golf is your sport of choice, you need to add these American luxury resorts to your holiday bucket list. Strive for a hole in one while admiring pristine vistas of the California Coast or amid dusty dessert in Arizona. Be enamoured by the beauty of the South in Georgia or North Carolina, while you master your swing. After a day on the course, you … Continue reading

Your Story: A Holiday at Home

Escape Travel Consultant Marlena Holden recently returned from a holiday to Sydney. Travelling with her family and in-laws who were visiting from the United Kingdom, she enjoyed playing tourist in her own backyard. Tell us about your recent holiday We had family visiting from the UK so we decided to take them away to Sydney for five days to see the sights. I went to … Continue reading

New Wifi Plans Onboard Carnival Cruise Lines

Long to stay connected to more than just the jam-packed events schedule that gets slipped under the door each morning at sea? It’s now easier than ever to keep the whole world at your fingertips with the launch of Carnival Cruise Lines’ cheaper – and faster – internet and social media packages. Available on the cruise line’s Australia-based ships as of this month, Carnival’s enhanced … Continue reading

Princess Cruises Sizzles at Sea

“When good food brings people together – much like travel does – they experience the whole world in a new way,” says much-loved chef, author and restaurateur Curtis Stone. It’s this very ethos that has brought his flair for fresh, wholesome food to Princess Cruises, and one that echoes throughout the entire fleet’s culinary landscape. The lauded king of the kitchen began rolling out three … Continue reading

Celebrity Travel with Tim Bailey

2016 sees him celebrating 25 years as Channel 10’s wandering weatherman, but soon Tim Bailey is set to trade one travelling life for another. Following on from years of regular visits to the South Pacific’s Cook Islands, he and his wife Sam are cementing their love affair with the region by opening their own holiday villas. And it’s this sea change that has led the … Continue reading

Tailor Made Asia – Our Favourite Itineraries

Always wanted to do Asia but not sure how? With a Tailor-Made Holiday, you can enjoy the many colourful sights and sounds on offer in the comfort of boutique accommodation, without missing out on all of those wonderfully unique local experiences. Ranging from four to 10 nights, our Tailor-Made Holidays Asia collection takes you off the beaten track – in comfort – so you can cut to the … Continue reading

London’s Best Celebrity Chef Restaurants

For years, celebrity chefs from the UK have graced our televisions screens. We’ve bought their cookbooks, watched their shows and eaten their food. We’ve welcomed the loveable family man, Jamie Oliver into our homes, been stunned by the brash nature of Gordon Ramsay and watched in awe at the culinary creations of Nigella. London is a hotspot for celebrity chef restaurants, but the question is … Continue reading

Art Exhibits Worth a Weekender Before the Year is Out

Some of the biggest names in art are coming to Aussie shores in 2016. Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman and Tatsuo Miyajima, to name a few. One very unique art installation is also taking over Uluru in what will be a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle not to be missed. There’s never been a better time to duck away for the weekend, just to get a piece of these phenomenal … Continue reading

Top Tips for Happy Holiday Car Hire

Smooth asphalt and the wind in your air are the hallmarks of any memorable driving holiday. Our tips can help you make the most of your time on the road – and save money. 1. Don’t pay for insurance you don’t need. Don’t feel pressured to pay the rental company’s collision damage waiver; your travel insurance may already cover any excess. Understand your policy as … Continue reading

Santa Monica Insider

The golden sands of Santa Monica offer the quintessential California experience. Beautiful beaches and relaxed coastal vibes meet world-class dining and ample shopping opportunities. Hire bikes and ride along the seaside boardwalk, enjoy a sumptuous breakfast with ocean views or trawl the local farmers markets for delicious eats. However you choose to celebrate this picturesque destination, you can experience California’s enviable sunshine all year round. … Continue reading

These Are South Australia’s Best Natural Wonders

South Australia is a quiet achiever who has been steadily raising its profile with top-notch wines, legendary events and talk-of-the-town eateries. But, beyond the modern-day delights, South Australia’s natural assets are reason alone to tempt travellers. From the arid plains of the north to the sand-skirted south, discover SA the natural way. 1. Head for the hills Within day-tripping distance from the capital is Adelaide … Continue reading

Washington DC’s Best Museums

Brimming with cultural riches and historic landmarks, Washington DC sees visitors from across the globe flock to explore its famous city streets. Thanks to its political heart and astonishing collection of world-class museums, the city is alive with stories and tales of America and her people. Here are five of the best museums in Washington DC. National Museum of Natural History Found inside the famous … Continue reading

Why a Holiday Package Can Work for you

Escape Travel knows what it takes to make a great holiday. It’s not just a case of booking your flights, but choosing the right airline, the best route and your favourite seat. Your accommodation needs to be in the perfect location, with all the expected creature comforts, plus a few extra perks along the way. Getting from the airport to your hotel or resort can … Continue reading